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On a serious note              I think we have to remember the nitty gritty here and go back to what we were actually talking about. In my opinion (possibly not worth a lot)             there are only two types of Community Radio Listener :-


Listener Number One enjoys the music (obviously)   the diversity that we provide plus the steady Eddie stuff  /  plus (+) [being the key word here] and the Local Community News PLUS (+) National News


Listener Number Two likes the variety and diversity of the Music we play and couldn’t give a flying cactus about what Teresa May or Jeremy Corbin is doing nor whether the Local Council are going to collect the Green Bins on Fridays or on a fortnightly rotation …… they don’t care.


There are no other Community Radio listeners …….. if anyone thinks there are, then you’ve gotten something completely off-piste.


In Nutshell, if you decide to run News, give em at least 2 Mins of National and maybe 2 – 3 Mins of Local. I don’t think Local works without the National. The two go hand in hand.


Nick ‘Honeycombe’ Bosanquet


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Exactly Nigel! It's not rocket science and only you and your station know what's going on local to you! ;-)

Thank you,

Catie Lake




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We do similar, on weekdays anyway.

The sequence using Radio News Hub which we find works well for us is:

News In ID
National News - 1 min
National advert - 30 seconds
Local news read 60-90 seconds
Weather sponsor ID
Local weather (or national weather outside daytime)
Station ID out in to music

The beauty of RadioNewsHub for us, is that it comes via Dropbox about five minutes to the hour. We have an automated system that updates Myriad. For automated hours this means we have updated copy. For the live hours, if the presenter doesn't hit the exact top of the hour (ala Sky) it doesn't matter.

The sport, showbiz and business 30 second also auto-update to Myriad, so ready for the presenter or again, appear for automated hours.



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