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Dear CMA

I am selling a brilliant portable radio studio that needs to find a good
community/school home.

Thank you

Christine (07813612569)

Fantastic fully Portable radio studio in excellent condition. 3 years old.

Perfect for outside radio broadcasts,  university,  college, school or

community radio.  It offers all the benefits of a traditional broadcast

radio studio but with the flexibility to pack the whole lot away for

transport or storage.  It's an easy set up system made by PSquared/School

Radio The kit consists of

   - SRM 9 Channel audio mixer (colour coded for ease of use)

   - 2 x professional myriad software licences (myriad 4) Combined mixer and

   - equipment flightcase Rackmount myriad PC 22" wide touchscreen

   - K500 myriad control keyboard: perfect for ease of use by the visually

   - impaired Also ideal for training with very young children Built in

   - interface for phone interviews Large button phone

   - 3 x desk microphones with stands

   - 1 x presenter mic with stand

   - 4 x headphones

   - Powered speakers

   - Table top mic live light (can be wall mounted) Combined CD/ USB MP3

   - Note aux input and Channel on the desk to play directly from phones

   - Portable sound proof tiles

   - Instruction teaching  sheets for training presenters

£5000 or very nearest offer (note same kit is still being sold by
Psquared/Schools Radio for over 7k)
Christine Cox 07813612569
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