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Are you thinking FM?  Will you have a licence for that 7-10 watt
transmitter, or are you planning to use it in one of the unlicensed bands
(I believ there are some around 168, 433, 960MHz)?

If you have an FM licence for it (seems unlikely to me), then PLEASE *do
not* buy one of those cheap Chinese units that you see everywhere on Ebay
and Amazon.  Thye are known in  the trade as "sprog boxes" - they transmit
interference on many different frequencies in addition to the intended
one.  Also they usually sound horrible because they are based around the
single chip designs that in-car mp3 transmitters use.

Perhaps you need to describe your application more and we can suggest
legal, good solutions!  I'm not accusing you of illegality, it's just I'm
not fully understanding the situation, and want to make you aware of any
legalities that you may or may not be aware of!

There are some legal transmiters that are cheaper than Broadcast Warehouse,
but I'm not sure how good they are, and generally they have less features.
The BW50 is a great little unit.

Regards, Glyn

Glyn Roylance - Principal Consultant
Associated Broadcast Consultants <http://www.a-bc.co.uk/>

On 10 August 2017 at 12:43, Jonathan Clingham <djclingham at gmail.com> wrote:

> All after a successful response to my last request about outside broadcast
> options I am now encouraged to ask even more questions here to help what is
> probably the most remote station on this forum.
> We broadcast on FM locally on Island at Saint FM <http://www.saint.fm/>
> and we are investigating the purchase of a small reliable low powered
> 12-volt 7 – 10-watt transmitter
> <http://www.elecsky.com/cze7c-kit-7w-pll-fm-broadcast-transmitterantennapower-supply-p-18.html>
> that will allow us to send a live transmissions from around town back to
> the station eg. Powering it from a mobile setup eg a 12-volt supply.
> Do you have any ideas to share any recommendations?
> Also, we are on the lookout for another back up 240v at least 50-watt
> transmitter for one of our rural broadcast areas do any of you still use
> old school FM transmission.
> Do you have one set in your storerooms collecting dust again?
> SME recommendations welcome.
> --
> regards
> Jonathan a Clingham.
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