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In the July 2015 Taxcast: in a special extended programme we look at  
the crisis in Greece and ask whatever happened to European unity?  
Also: we discuss the European Parliament’s vote for multinational  
corporations to report their activities on a public, country by  
country basis: the push to give poorer nations a say in international  
tax rule-making fails after three days of three days of bullying in  
Addis Ababa BUT Tax Inspectors Without Borders gets the green light.  
Plus more scandal and unique analysis.

“They don’t care about the conditions in the country, they don’t care  
about people, they don’t care about macro economic data you bring  
them, they don’t care about all these things. All they want is
to get  
money back, and they can get the money back only if they lend more  
money. So Greece pays. Greece cannot even get caught up with the  
interest rates. It’s usury what’s happening, it’s total usury.”

Professor of International Politics and Economics from the University  
of East London, Vassilis Fouskas

Featuring: Produced and presented by @Naomi_Fowler for the  
@TaxJusticeNet and featuring John Christensen on the Tax Justice  
Network, Professor of International Politics and Economics from the  
University of East London, Vassilis Fouskas, @VassilisKFouska,  
investigative journalist, economist, lawyer and Tax Justice Network  
senior advisor James Henry @submergingmkt

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