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We are emailing to inform you that the BBC Local News Partnership (LNP) is
now in a position to invite the next stage of applications from news
organisations wishing to support the scheme.

The LNP is a joint working agreement between the BBC and the News Media
Association <http://www.newsmediauk.org/About> to support the provision of
quality local journalism across the UK.

In detail, it includes:

   - A *News Hub* giving external media organisations access to BBC video
   and audio material for use online.
   - A *Shared Data Unit* - staffed by the BBC alongside reporters on
   secondment from local news providers - that will share data journalism with
   news organisations across the media industry.
   - The employment of *Local Democracy Reporters*, who will cover councils
   and other public services on behalf of the BBC and local news
   organisations. There will eventually be 150 of these reporters, funded by
   the BBC and based in the offices of regional news organisations across the

More than 50 media organisations representing more than 600 print, online
or broadcast news titles have already signed up to Section One of the
partnership to receive content generated through the News Hub, Shared Data
Unit and Local Democracy Reporters.

We are now:

   - Seeking further *Section One applications* from titles or outlets not
   previously approved

   - Inviting applications for * Section Two partners* - those titles or
   outlets who will employ one or more of the Local Democracy Reporters.

Full details on the LNP can be found here

*How to apply:*

Applications can be made via the BBC Supplier Portal
<https://bbc.bravosolution.co.uk/web/login.html> from *noon on Monday, 11

Once you have registered and/or logged in to the Supplier Portal, please
select the project titled *Local News Partnerships - Applications* to
proceed with your application.

Please note:

   - We would strongly recommend you read all criteria and guidance notes
   (available on the LNP website
   in full detail prior to any application.

   - Please ensure sufficient time is allowed to prepare for and complete
   your application. We recommend a minimum of *2 – 3 *working days are put
   aside for a Section Two application.

   - The closing date for applications is *10:00 on 13 October 2017.*

Questions regarding the application process can be made via the BBC
Supplier Portal or via email to this address. We will endeavour to respond
to all requests for support at the earliest opportunity.

Thank you for your continued interest in the Local News Partnership.

With kind regards

BBC Local News Partnership
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