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To answer the e-mails I have received :-


The point I was making    re:- provisos, stipulations etc      was      if
this is true to what it is meant to be, surely the qualification ought to be
the areas and Stations that ‘’’don’t’’’ have a proper news desk as opposed
to the ones that already do.      Ie:- the ones that owing to circumsrtances
may be areas that are underserved.


Sky / IRN and News Hub offer services (which we pay for) providing National
News. We merely take it, and then relay it. I can’t see how it can go wrong
at our end ?   I know News Hub and Sky have the professionals in place to
deliver the goods.

My understanding was (and common sense tells us) that Journalists be
strategically placed around the Country to deliver (for Radio)    as we are
talking here the BBC     ie:- the British BROADCASTING Company            so
the key word being ‘’’Broadcast’’’   you would have thought that the Radio
side of it would come first.

Perhaps I had fallen asleep whilst this announcement was being made or I
have done my classic and ‘’’missed something?’’’      personally, I don’t
think I have.


I ask the question again ----- Why has £8 Million pounds of tax payers money
been invested in ‘this’ project ?      I’m not knocking it, I am actually
supporting it, providing everyone is included. You don’t include people by
having applications with stipulations that exclude 90% before you’ve even
got out of the starting blocks.


I can only speak for us here at Canalside. We have never had a News desk or
a Professional News reporter / Journalist on local News 
.. we have a
higgledy piggledy botched together News system, which believe it or not
serves a purpose and we get the news out, be it not time specific nor
consistent. It is however Local News. In the BBC’s eyes, it possibly isn’t
adequate. In fact I know it isn’t.


A Journalist based at BBC Manchester covering the East Cheshire, South
Manchester area would be good. As per my e-mail to Alex and Michael I would
have thought the system would be the Beeb offering up the Journalists for
the areas in need (the underserved) as opposed to us ‘applying’       as I
say, I am unsure what I am applying for? considering it has already been
stated that we are :

Not able to Broadcast the News

Can’t access it if we are turned down in the application

And without a News desk the probability of the turn down is highly likely.


Do we know how many have applied ?   at the moment we appear to be going
really well 2 out 2 success rate, but for what ?


*	News hub – distribution of BBC audio and video for online use only
(the restriction to online is to mitigate impact on plurality and commercial
*	Local democracy reporting service – the content can be used anywhere
locally (subject to T&Cs)
*	The Shared Data Unit – data driven content which can also be used
anywhere locally (subject to T&Cs)


The rules appear to have been based yet again around ‘’’commercial
operations’’’      a bit like the restrictions. The majority of us do not
care about commercial operations as we applied for a Community Licence 
tails are wagging Dogs again and my suggestion on Number One would be if the
Commercials wish to access / broadcast it, then fine, leave it to internet
. Mitigating on plurality and commercial operation does not apply to
us so why can’t we broadcast it ?   or as I originally understood
re-broadcast it from the Journalist for our area ?


I did reply to the BBC regarding this, but clearly the question was too
difficult so they have chosen not to answer it. Personally I think because
they have been stumped out. Sadly though what happens to us is not Cricket,
I only wish it was.


Of course what will now happen is the gulf between the haves and have nots
will grow so those who have a slightly substandard news service in my
opinion may aswell abandon news completely and perhaps run with the audience
who prefer music and chat. Key commitments need to be changed again.

We are being pushed down a road that we don’t particularly want to go down,
but have Hobson Choice --- whilst at the same time the ‘’’APPARENT’’’ reason
for having this £8 Million project is to make it more accessible with a
wider reach 

. Clearly this isn’t the case hence why at the moment it
looks dodgy to me.


I would be very grateful (as I believe many others would)   if one of our
team could just for once stick their head up above the parapet and tell us
what have we signed up for, what can they access, and how will it have
changed the service they already provide ?


A Professional reporter / newscaster reading 4 bulletins a day (local news)
would be just what the Doctor ordered 
.. I do not see a problem with this ?



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